Frozen water lines can be a massive inconvenience. Even worse, they can burst and cause a lot of damage if they are not dealt with properly. So what can you do if your water lines freeze? Lets take a look!

  • Try to locate where the frozen lines are. Turn on your fixtures to see which ones have water. If one fixture has water and another does not, that can help narrow down the area where the problem has occurred.
  • Shut off your Main Water Supply. If the line has completely frozen, there is a chance that the water has expanded and ruptured the line. Leave the water off to that area until the line has thawed.
  • Open the faucet or fixture attached to the frozen line. This way, once the line has thawed, the water has some place to go!

Now on to unfreezing the water line. There are a few ways to go about this.

  • If you know exactly where the freeze is, you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm up the pipe. Keep it moving and do not put it directly on the line! Try to slowly thaw out the line.
  • Heat Tape is a great option. Just wrap the tape around the frozen area of pipe and plug it in! This also will prevent it from freezing again if you leave it on.
  • For larger areas or if you are unsure of exactly where the line may be frozen, your going to have to heat that whole area of pipe. Electric heaters and Heat Lamps can be used for this, Just be sure to use extreme caution! Make sure no water or flammable material is anywhere around the heat source.
  • Once you think that the line has thawed, check the pipe for any visible damage. If you see any holes or ruptures in the pipe, it may be time to call a professional to repair the line.
  • Be sure to remove any Electric Heaters before turning the water back on!
  • Turn the water back on slowly, keep checking the area that was frozen thoroughly to make sure there are absolutely no leaks.
  • To help prevent future freezing, consider using pipe wraps or heat tape to help keep your water lines above freezing temperatures.

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