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Commercial ProPress Services in Alliance, Ohio

While some plumbers might initially resist using the ProPress system, it offers a variety of benefits. This is actually a handy tool for professionals. It can be used in a variety of residential and commercial settings, which is why we offer it to our customers. By making use of this product, a plumber can perform more efficiently – and ultimately, that is a major advantage for plumbers and customers alike. Additionally, ProPress makes a plumber’s job easier, which also benefits the customer. Consider the following information about the ProPress system, as well as some of the applications for which it might be used.

What Is ProPress?

If you haven’t heard of ProPress, this is a good place to start. ProPress is the original, brand-name version for an original pipe joining system. The fittings have O-ring inserts on their ends; these can be securely tightened to a pipe when they are pressed on with the system’s tool. This serves as an alternative to traditional soldering, which can be time consuming and labor intensive. Other versions have been manufactured in an effort to replicate ProPress, but the brand-name product has more benefits to offer than imitation products.

The Smart Connect Feature

ProPress offers various features and benefits that make using the system worthwhile. The Smart Connect feature doesn’t just come with one type of fitting. It comes with all of them, including the valves. This feature assists installers in quickly identifying unpressed connections when performing pressure testing. This feature is patented, so you won’t find it on the imitation products. It offers great advantages when installing, which is one of the reasons so many professionals prefer the brand name version of this system over any other options available.

Benefits of Using ProPress

ProPress provides plumbers with several advantages. In less than seven seconds in time, the system is capable of consistently making secure, watertight connections. In fact, when it is installed properly, the connection comes with a 50-year guarantee. That is something that simply can’t be achieved when using traditional methods.

It is available in sizes that span from a half inch to four inches, so you can always get the size you need. Additionally, ProPress offers more than 600 different configurations, which are available in stainless steel and copper.

You don’t need to use heavy equipment, flux, flame, or solder to get the job done. ProPress provides an ingenious solution to conventional methods, saving professionals a great deal of time and effort. A plumber can make either dry or wet connections, which is another time saver. This makes it ideal for repair jobs and emergencies.

Maximum Versatility

ProPress is versatile enough to be used in a wide range of circumstances. The system may be utilized in commercial and residential environments. It is suitable for potable water systems, and it works well for systems with both hot and cold water. Professionals throughout North America now use ProPress, and the fittings are sold across the world.


The ProPress system can be used in a broad array of commercial settings. It might be utilized in the bathrooms and kitchens of restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, and nursing homes. Any place copper fittings and tubing are used could be ideally suited to ProPress. Because the ProPress line offers so many sizes and configurations, it can serve a broad scope of commercial customers. The brand is even used for marine systems, which means it absolutely must be durable and reliable.

If you need repairs done or plumbing installed in your home, we are happy to offer ProPress as a solution. You can get ProPress fittings in your bathrooms, kitchen, basement, and any place that requires pipes and fittings. The ProPress product line is also a viable choice for a residential fire protection system. When you hire a plumber to install fire sprinklers with the ProPress line, you can be sure the job will be done efficiently.

As you can see, ProPress is a convenient product line that provides value to both plumbers and customers. This unique system makes a plumber’s job easier and more efficient. ProPress may be used for a broad variety of jobs, making it a wise investment for everyone involved.

Don’t hesitate to contact Alliance Drain & Plumbing for more information about ProPress. You can call us at (330)-823-7942, and you may also reach us online. We are always happy to assist you with all of your drain and plumbing needs in Alliance, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

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